Documentation beats conversation. If you wonder whether the membership is worth it, read below. This is just a sampling of the results previous FORUM members have documented. You could be next.

“HPF was both an eye opener and game changer. I have an MBA that cost me far more than the cost of HPF, but the value of HPF far exceeds the cost of my university education. I am walking away with a business blueprint that will contribute millions of dollars in revenue. I feel equipped to go out and CRUSH IT!"

‐ Cheryl Mauldin

CEO & President, Independent Healthcare Consultant

“This experience was invaluable. My head is exploding with ideas that I’m confident will add millions of dollars in incremental revenue to our business in the next few years.”

‐ Tom Shapiro

Tom Shapiro, CEO at Stratabeat, Inc.

“This was one of the most powerful business focused and strategic events I’ve ever experienced! It transcended one particular industry, profession, etc. and provided applicable information that can easily be put into play. ”

‐ Ciji Siddons

Network Marketing Business Mentor & Success Speaker

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I feel as if I have been handed the keys to the golden kingdom! It’s up to me now to use those keys and I have no doubt that I will look back at this experience as a powerful, pivotal, and defining moment in my journey.”

‐ Rachel Lebensohn

Founder/CEO PNE Co., Seyopa

Value far exceeded investment actionable ideas that are practical and proven vs conceptual-based theory. HPF provided hope, inspiration and confidence to take my business to the next level. Excellent!!”

‐ Terry McKenna

Owner Employee Performance Strategies, Inc.

“The HPF experience was life changing for me. The opportunity to listen to Darren speak was enormous, but in addition, the creative ideas from the other members really multiplied the number of profitable ideas for me to take home. Never in my life have I met so many people LIKE ME, but BETTER! They are some of the most intelligent, gifted, driven people that I have ever met, and they make me want to accomplish more.”

‐ Becca Attaberry

Owner Attaberry Real Estate Group

“I leave here refreshed, energized and excited to lead my business to even greater success. I particularly look forward to continuing and expanding my relationship with fellow FORUM members. I am very glad I decided come.”

‐ Kevin Merrigan

Owner Northop and Johnson Yachts

“I came to HPF with one goal: “To Kickstart my Life”. I was in a rut and not getting out of it, my hope was that this would provide that change. I am thrilled to say that the HPF program, the exposure to other high potential individuals, and the real world, down to earth, presentation by Darren Hardy far exceeded my expectations. I firmly believe that this experience will enable me to double my companies revenues and triple my profits.”

‐ Bill Stuart

CEO/Stuart & Associates Inc.

“The value I received this weekend will change my life and directly impact those around me. You delivered much more than I expected.”

‐ Krysta Friesen

Owner Frontpage Properties

“The HPF is a condensation of all of the most effective marketing strategies to grow you business. It is a marketing MBA in three days. You will come away knowing where to focus your attention and just as importantly where not to.”

‐ Alexander Kreefft


I am the most committed to getting results from training I have ever been. Not only was the information invaluable but the follow up but the process over the next year will keep me accountable to achieving more in a year than I ever have.”

‐ Steve Kelsey

Owner Printthink Solutions Inc & Inkslam

“The HPF 3-day intensive was brilliantly executed! Every aspect of the program exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with the strength of the content Darren pulled together. Real, tangible bottom-line impact right away! The quality and caliber of the FORUM members was also a bright spot. I have every confidence these connections will provide life-long value and mutual benefit.”

‐ Sandon Nixon

The Hartford Mutual Funds

“I came into the HPF intimidated by the extraordinary group of my co-members and walk out awed and inspired and part of a family. I am excited for my bottom line but even more for the extraordinary experience I can now provide my team, my business affiliates but most important of all my clients.”

‐ Cindy Howeth

Guild Mortgage Company

“The HPF 3 day intensive not only exceeded my expectationsbut was impactful on my business. Plus it was fun.”

‐ Madison Scott

Owner/Gatti’s Pizza, Century Financial Group

“The HPF was unbelievable. I had very high expectations and I can honestly say this 3 day FORUM exceeded those expectations. I would recommend this for any individual that is working to take their business to a higher level. This could very well be one of the most important events in my life that I have attended.”

‐ John Pinjuv

Managing Director/Avison Young

“This was a mind blowing experience for me. I have met amazing HPF people and I’m sure some will become lifelong friends. I have over 10 companies but I am not as successful as I should be because not running them properly. Darren has provided me tools and knowledge to enable me reach my goals and dreams.”

‐ Roy Coughlan


“The HPF was a huge WOW! The powerful content Darren covered by lunch on day 1 was life changing, mind shifting and directly applicable to my business for powerful financial, professional and personal return…and that was just by lunch day 1! I came in with high expectations and they were exceeded!”

‐ Abby Donnelly

Sandler Training & Development Solutions

“This course is a must for any aspiring entrepreneurs. Eye opening. Tremendous value to any business. Like minded people, super bright, ambitious people, like minded”

‐ Voytek Maroula

President/Phonewave and Brand Name Wholesale

“As an entrepreneur; this was the most complete, comprehensive and thought provoking exercise that I have ever participated in, that has brought clarity into what really matters in achieving real and sustained success for my enterprise. I feel that I was given a unique opportunity to be a part of an elite group that has been exposed to something very special.”

‐ Brad Pedersen

President Tech 4 Kids, Inc

“Darren’s HPF 3 day experience was life changing. He focused on proven and critical strategies for business transformation and personal development. The HPF gave me the power to solve a thousand problems.”

‐ Lynne Wallace

President VANTREO Insurance Brokerage

“Darren Hardy and HPF have shifted my mind. The value of this impact shall be in $10’s millions over the next 3 years.”

‐ Sasha Berson

Founder & CEO Berson Business Development Firm

“Darren’s HPF was a life-changing action-packed workshop that will have ripple effects throughout my company and will generate millions of dollars of value! Best 3 days that I could spend to start off the New Year!”

‐ Sidd Pagidipati

CEO & Founder, Founder/COO Freedom Health

“The HPF was everything I hoped for and more! I expect a 21% increase in my revenue this year. The caliber of the members was even higher than I expected, and I’m thrilled to be on this journey with them!”

‐ Catherine Hammond

Attorney & Owner/Hammond Law Group

“Darren has distilled a lifetime of success principles into a 2 ½ day workshop that will change your life!”

‐ Mark Bettencourt

O.D. Vision Source

“The process of preparing for, attending, participating and committing going forward, has made my investment in HPF the greatest to date in my career. I fully expect my income and overall expectations to take a quantum leap as a result of attending.”

‐ Scott Fay

Treasure Coast Irrigation, LLC. & Rood Landscape, LLC

“The HPF was the best training/business improvement event I have ever been involved with. The content is going to be huge for my business and the relationships with other members are an equally valuable benefit.”

‐ Chad Tompkins

COO/WTC Engineering

“I think a lot of us came here humbled by even being chosen to come and be a part of such an amazing experience. I am leaving with great tools that I gathered in 3 days versus having to read 100’s of books or things that would have taken years to collect. I would highly recommend it.”

‐ Cassie Gallagher

Owner West U Fitness

“I came here to play bigger in my business and my life. I wanted to dramatically increase my impact and my revenue and my income. What surprised me most was discovering that I can do that with just a few key changes in my own behavior. One of the best uses of my time since I started my business.”

‐ Mark Henson


“For any serious business owner or CEO who truly is committed to excellence should prioritize attending an HPF Forum. You cannot, seriously, put a price on the value of the experience. As an educated business professional, the quality of material covered is absolutely outstanding. Do not debate, do not hesitate-Attend! You will never regret it.”

‐ Ken McPherson

VP of Sales at Iceberg Networks Corporation

“The HPF will deliver over $1million worth of value this year alone. Many of the HPF members will become lifelong associated and the year long meetings will be priceless”

‐ Gene King

Managing Director, WRSequence, LLC

“Wow! The HPF is one laser focused, growth producing event! I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues. Value=priceless.”

‐ Misty Lown

Owner & Director/Misty’s Dance Unlimited

“The High Performance FORUM energized me with actionable information and strategies to grow my company and personal income exponentially. I’ve met world-class entrepreneurs that will be lifelong friends and business advisors who inspire me to become the best I can become.”

‐ Denny Noneman

Owner Noneman Real Estate Company

“Simply put, the most valuable 3 days I’ve spent on personal development. The content and delivery of the content is second to none. This IS going to take my business to a whole other level.”

‐ Joffre Jorgenson

Founder, Stimulate Well Optimization Inc.

“When I first read Compound Effect I was blown away by the fundamentals shared to achieve success. It was an A-Z roadmap on how to be made successful in life. HPF was life taking principles of The Compound Effect and putting them on steroids for your business!”

‐ Cody Foster

Co-Founder and Owner at Advisors Excel

“Implementing just 3 of the many strategies to my business, I project will grow by 30% this year. Further, the like-mind people I met will be in my speed dial for years to come.”

‐ Stephanie Klein

President/Experience Factor Recruitment Solutions

“Darren has an amazing ability to crystallize invaluable fundamental success principles into a total action blueprint. It’s like Googling success and getting best proven ideas and strategies into 2 ½ days of cliff notes. And our HPF group was terrific – willing to share ideas that made their business success. Great friendships.”

‐ Rod Gaston

CEO/Broker at BLB Resources

“Without doubt I will turn my investment in time and money on the HPF into $500,000 profit within 12months. The systems and tools provided are a fast track to peak performance that will benefit me and my organization for life. The value of connecting with the other HPF members will be immeasurable.”

‐ Jamie Stewart


“You cannot put a price on the depth and significance of training and mastermind sharing this weekend. My ROI will be monetized within 30 days and the lifetime value is tens of millions in revenues. My quality of life personally and professionally will now reach the realizations I had for myself and my business. Every CEO across the globe should be mandated to attend this training. Imagine the growth in the global economy if HPF was mandated for every CEO!”

‐ Timothy Feuling

Owner/Publisher at TCJ, President at Feuling International

“Attending the HPF is one of the top 3 Best Business Decisions I’ve ever made. The content and ideas shared are going to change my business for the by 250%.”

‐ Chris Freytag

Owner/CEO Motivating Bodies, Inc, Minnesota

“I always knew there was a ‘system’ to growing a business – and this weekend has given me that tool kit. This weekend will add $1M-$2M to my bottom line – I already know that.”

‐ Geeta Sidhu-Robb

CEO and Founder of Nosh Detox Delivery

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Best Selling Author

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