Achieve More in Less Time with INSANE PRODUCTIVITY


INSANE PRODUCTIVITY is the #1 system to stop procrastination and achieve your goals insanely fast…sanely. Trusted by over 35,000 ambitious achievers like you, this proven system is designed to elevate your productivity and help you reach new heights, all while enjoying a fulfilling, stress-free life.



Ready to conquer overwhelm and reclaim your life?

INSANE PRODUCTIVITY is the #1 system to stop procrastination and achieve your goals insanely fast…sanely. Trusted by over 35,000 ambitious achievers like you, this proven system is designed to elevate your productivity and help you reach new heights, all while enjoying a fulfilling, stress-free life.


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“Highly recommend! INSANE PRODUCTIVITY pointed out the weaknesses that kept me making the same mistakes over and over. I was finally able to pinpoint things that propelled me forward.”

Maureen Bartosh
Owner of 25 30 Espresso

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“I love how each time I’ve had a question the next module answers it or provides the tools for me to come to a conclusion on my own. This program is changing my life. I’ve never been more focused and productive. I’m so happy right now!!!”

Sherrita McClain

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“The productivity techniques presented in this program are extremely effective at sharpening one’s focus on high-leverage activities and removing distractions. I highly recommend this program to serious learners who wish to elevate their performance and take their game to the next level.

Christopher Croner
Principal of Sales Drive

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“I've already seen a huge improvement in my productivity and sanity! Our business is growing faster than ever and we are working less. I am in control of my business now instead of it controlling me! My wife is so happy with who I am becoming and the results she’s seen… AND IT’S ONLY BEEN 12 WEEKS!!”

Larry Winters
Owner of Leadership Team Development, Inc.

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“I highly recommend the INSANE PRODUCTIVITY training. So much so that the majority of my team has taken the INSANE course. The feedback from them is tremendous!”

Tim Everson
CEO & President of Sitespan

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Investing in myself to sign up for INSANE PRODUCTIVITY was one of the smartest investments of my life. Each week Darren gives me ideas and actions I can immediately put to use personally and professionally. Throughout the course, there were so many ‘AHA!’ moments. It really is insane!”

John White

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Imagine finishing each day with a sense of true accomplishment, knowing that you’ve made real progress on your goals.

If you're tired of working tirelessly without seeing the results you deserve, you're not alone. Many high-achievers struggle to manage their time and feel overwhelmed by their workload.

This 12-week program is designed for high achievers like you who are ready for a breakthrough, leveraging the same tools and strategies that top performers use to master time management and lead with confidence.

Each module is a bite-sized, under-90-minute session that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule, making it easy to apply what you learn immediately. You'll uncover proven techniques to boost your productivity sustainably and effectively, transforming how you approach your work.
As you move through the course, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to tackle your workload head-on, without the constant feeling of being overwhelmed. 

INSANE PRODUCTIVITY isn’t just about pushing harder; it's about working smarter and more efficiently. 

Ready to finally see the progress you've been chasing? 

Join us on this transformative journey and start leading your life and work with renewed energy and effectiveness.

Real results you can look forward to:

time management

Effective Time Management:

Feel more in control of your day and get more done with less stress.


Improved Leadership:

Lead your team with confidence.


Better Decision-Making:

Make quick, effective decisions that decrease your mental load.


Professional Recognition:

Stand out as a respected leader in your field.


Work-Life Harmony:

Find a balance between your professional and personal life.


Stress Management:

Learn strategies to handle high-pressure situations.

Career Advancement:

Career Advancement:

Equip yourself with skills for higher roles.

_Effective Time Management _

Look at what our (35,000+)

Greg Hammond
Greg Hammond

CEO, Financial Coach

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Truly life-changing! INSANE PRODUCTIVITY reduced my stress and increased my focus, resulting in a $500k revenue increase.

Heather Krauza
Heather Krauza

Technical Designer at DD+S

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Best money I ever spent! It showed me just how freakin’ distracted I was and taught me to cut out all the noise so I could accomplish any task in less time with less stress.

Brian Leatherma
Brian Leatherma

Artistic Director, The Cherry Creek Chorale

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Worth every penny!! INSANE PRODUCTIVITY taught me how to gain control over the single most limiting factor in my life: me. Hands down the best training I have ever purchased.

Bruce Corkhill
Bruce Corkhill
Decision Consultant, Embrace Where you Are 

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I have gotten 5x my investment with this program. I can honestly say this was the launch pad that got me where I am today.

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Rosalyn Carothers

Attorney & Owner, Triplett & Carothers

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We doubled the business revenue and 3x my personal revenue... The program is truly transformative and life-changing.

Michael Soler
Michael Soler
CEO of Blue Line K-9

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Without the skillset and knowledge that I got from INSANE PRODUCTIVITY, I would still be essentially chasing the dollar, whereas now that dollar is chasing me.

Your INSANE PRODUCTIVITY program includes...

  • 12 high-octane video training modules digitally accessible from anywhere 24/7/365.
  • Perfectly paced with one module, under 90 minutes, delivered per week, consumed on your schedule.
  • Just enough time in between each module to see concrete results before the next.

Module 1 - Source Code of Motivation

In this opening module, Darren shows you the source code of motivation. You’ll learn what powered the  relentless drive and determination of many of history's most envied superachievers. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to ignite and sustain your own invincible motivation.

Module 2 - Your Greatest Distraction

Discover and eliminate the biggest barrier that undermines your success. In this module, Darren identifies this common distraction—your personal kryptonite—and teaches you strategies to overcome it. Freeing yourself from this hindrance not only enhances your productivity but also gives you a competitive edge over everyone else around you.

Module 3 - Take Back Control

It’s time to root out the most damaging influences in your life. The reason why you aren’t achieving as you like is NOT because you are not capable. It is because you are being blocked, undermined, and derailed. Here, Darren helps you discover and overcome those negative influences and teaches you how to sever the ties from the dark forces around you.

Module 4 - Distraction Defense System

Want to kill the final and most provocative saboteur in your life? This one is causing you pain and problems in ways you cannot even imagine right now. Darren will teach you how to rid this from your life and environment to complete your A.D.D. system, your Active Distraction Defense System. You will finally have a bullet-proof life and lifestyle. You will be free to fly!

Module 5 - Systems to Kick Butt

It’s time to get busy… but strategically! In this module, you will learn some of the best strategies and systems Darren discovered and uses himself, learned from the best in the world. These are the tools and systems that will help you really start kicking butt in life.

Module 6 - The Vital System

It’s time to learn The VITAL Success System. In this module, Darren shares insights from one of his most impactful interviews, which inspired this framework. Discover the key lessons that reshaped his approach to success and prepare for them to revolutionize your life as well.

Module 7 - Leverage Curve

This module is inspired by another one of Darren’s most pivotal encounters, where he learned the crucial art of identifying and harnessing one's Divine Purpose. Here, Darren distills the insights that 5X’d his influence and results, offering you the tools to unlock and apply your own superpowers effectively to achieve unprecedented success and impact.

Module 8 - Methods That Multiply

Regain control over your goals, priorities, and the impact you wish to make. In this module, Darren unveils essential processes and operational methods designed to amplify your results. Learn to achieve more with less effort and in less time, mastering the art of efficiency to maximize your potential and make the most of your time on this planet.

Module 9 - Triple Your Productivity

This module has quickly become a favorite among our Alumni, and it's easy to see why. Here, you'll learn how to triple the productivity of an average FORTUNE 500 CEO—all before 9 AM. The strategy Darren teaches here will most certainly be a game-changer for you too.

Module 10 - Elite Success Rituals

Dive into the daily, weekly, and monthly rituals that define the world's top performers in this essential module. Darren shares not only his personal morning routine but also the powerful routines of other super-achievers. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these proven success rituals into your own life, transforming them into your secret weapons for achieving extraordinary results.

Module 11 - Entering Beast Mode

Darren will show you how to get yourself into BEAST MODE –that elusive and enigmatic force of being IN THE ZONE. When you are in it… you are unbeatable. Here is where you learn how to activate and leverage the incredible hulk inside you.

Module 12 - Ultimate Guidance System

Darren finally shares with you the single greatest business advice he ever received –the very insights that propelled him to extraordinary success and positioned him as your trusted guide. This is where you gain your ongoing guidance system as you continue on your journey to greater success.
  • Comprehensive suite of resources including progressive downloadable manuals, worksheets, diagnostics, assessments, and action guides.
  • Each tool is designed to keep you on track and ensure you achieve substantial results. These meticulously crafted materials will guide your journey, allowing you to monitor your progress and apply what you've learned effectively.
  • Plus, you’ll receive access to proprietary tools, work methods, and operating systems that have been specifically developed to enhance your productivity and effectiveness. 
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“This program saved my life.”

This program saved my life. 3 years ago I was depressed, suicidal, inconsistent in mostly everything, and I didn't get the results I thought I believed I should have. After going through INSANE PRODUCTIVITY, I now spend more QUALITY time with family, I doubled my income, I sleep better, and I am in better shape.

Kyle Jones, COO at ESS Group Inc.

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Habits of High-Performers

You’ll gain insights directly from the world’s greatest performers on their performance habits with this complete audio training program.

$995 FREE

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Belief System of Success

You’ll uncover what has been holding you back, plus the proven 4-step process to changing your beliefs in this live video training.

$495 FREE

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Productive Social Media

How Darren scaled his social media platforms to MILLIONS of people, more than once, spending less than 15 minutes a week.

$495 FREE

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You’ll discover how to drive high-performance and insane results leading others with this complete 6-module leadership training system.

$995 FREE

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“No bs, no hype, and lots of truth...”

My marriage is no longer on life support. INSANE PRODUCTIVITY is the only program I have experienced that put me in the pilot seat of my life (personally and professionally) with tools to reach unlimited heights. No bs, no hype, and lots of truth... My business is growing and my health is improving dramatically.

Robert Bohrer, Quality Guide at Streamalign

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“I was able to purchase my first home!”

Crystal Carfagno, Dance Studio Owner & Director

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“The results were remarkable. The team was able to leave much sooner and focus on what matters.”

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez, Founder of Practice Growth Formula

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“As a single mom realtor, everything was chaotic. Now I can take care of myself.”

Brooke Hengst, Realtor at Keller Williams

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“I'm getting more done with less effort. I signed up 70 people on my team, which translates into more quality time with family, friends, and associations.”

Clint Coker, CEO of LiveLife Pharmacies

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Your LIFETIME access pass includes...

  • INSANE PRODUCTIVITY 12-week program ($4,975 value)
  • LUDICROUS leadership 6-week upgrade ($995 value)
  • FREE GIFT: Habits of high-performers ($995 value)
  • FREE GIFT: Belief system of success ($495 value)
  • FREE GIFT: Productive social media  ($495 value)

TOTAL VALUE = OVER $7,950 $495 today

Or choose to invest in full now and save $185+



YES! I am personally guaranteeing your success.

If within only the first 30 days of enrollment, you don’t think you will see a THREE TIMES RETURN ON INVESTMENT, you can excuse yourself from the program, send in your completed work from the first four modules, and I will reimburse you 100% of your enrollment fee. This ensures you have zero to lose and an insanely productive future to gain.

Why would I offer such an audacious guarantee?
Because I know the program works… if you do!


What if I can’t start the program right away or complete the modules each week?

The program begins with immediate access to Module 2. The remaining modules will be released one week at a time for the 12 week period and you will have the entire week to study it. If you get behind, not to worry, you’ll have LIFETIME access to pace yourself and study all that you will need to stay on track.

How is INSANE PRODUCTIVITY different from other programs out there?

Look… What you have been taught about time management is DEAD. It might have worked ten years ago, but now it’s hindering you significantly. The super-successful play a very different game. You need a modern system built for the modern work environment. It’s why INSANE PRODUCTIVITY will give you the ultimate success advantage. You will shock and amaze your peers, friends, family, and competitors with your extreme productivity and insane results when using these proprietary methods now proven to work for 35,000+ Alumni from all walks of life, from all over the world.

Is this program right for me?

Well, only you know for sure. I would suggest asking yourself these questions…

  • Do I desire to be great? Do I strive to be a star performer and recognized as a leader in my industry?
  • Do I want the go-to strategies to win any contest, hit any goal or overcome any competitive threat that comes my way?
  • Do I want the peace of mind of knowing exactly what to do to protect my family financially and provide an advantage for their future?
  • Do I seek freedom? Freedom from time and money burdens? The freedom to make my own choices in life without constraints?
  • Do I wish to feel empowered, passionate, and fully engaged in my work and life again?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then absolutely this is for you!

Will I have support during the course?

You will be invited to join our private online community group where you can connect with our group of fellow high achievers. There, you can ask for help when you need it and discuss your learnings with the group. This is the tribe and associations of like-minded high-achievers you have been looking for. 

How long will I have access to this course and experience? 

After the 12 module release,  you will have lifetime access to Rinse and Repeat any of the training and stay connected to the INSANE PRODUCTIVITY community. This is a great benefit and opportunity to review at critical times in the year as often as you’d like.

Is there team pricing available? 

Darren is a big supporter of teams going through this program together. So much so that he has amazing team pricing available. Please reach out to to see what we can do to make this the most INSANELY PRODUCTIVE year ever for you!

Is there a money back guarantee? 

Absolutely! Though we are confident that you will not need it. 

Darren has created an incredible Action Guarantee, which simply requires you to email us your finished workbooks from Modules 1-4. This gives you 30 days to truly give the program a chance!

How much time is needed to complete each module? 

Each module can range from 60-90 minutes. 
Remember, this program was designed for the high-achiever. You can study it on your time and at your convenience. 
Once you have completed the Module, you can rinse and repeat as often as you would like. You’ll want these new ideas and strategies to soak in! You can also stream the modules from your mobile device and take Darren with you…in your car, while you work out, walk the dogs, do chores, etc.
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About Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy is the living embodiment of insane productivity. He was earning a six-figure income by age 18, seven figures by age 23, and has built a dozen successful companies in a dozen different industries. As the publisher and editor of SUCCESS magazine and executive producer for three success-focused television networks, he led the entire Success Media industry for several decades. 

Darren has distilled the best of what he has discovered, through personal experience and from having unprecedented access to the very best in the world, into the intensive training modules of INSANE PRODUCTIVITY.

More than 35,000 global high-achievers have learned and applied these strategies to produce their own INSANE results, INSANELY fast, SANELY

INSANE PRODUCTIVITY is your opportunity to learn directly from Darren and apply his best strategies to turn overwhelm into overachievement!